Monday, March 21, 2016

Healthy Treat Ideas for Homemade Easter Baskets

homemade easter baskets
The Easter Bunny is known for being the bearer of sweet gifts. However, this Easter, you don’t need to give the kids a sugar high just from looking at their Easter baskets. Instead, fill them up with things that are good for them. Here are a few options.


Fruit and Nut Butter

Put a few bananas and apples in their basket along with some small nut butter packs. This is a protein and fiber filled alternative to candy. Chocolate Covered Fruit This is a healthier choice than straight chocolate candy and Peeps. It is easy to make too. Just dip banana slices, grapes and/or strawberries in melted chocolate. Once the fruit has been chocolatized, place it in small muffin papers so that the chocolate doesn’t get on the other contents of the basket.


Fruit Snacks

Your typical fruit snacks are actually high in preservatives, synthetic colors and artificial flavors. Make your own using real fruit. This is easy to do. Just get some gelatin, honey, lemon juice and strawberries and mix it all up together. Pour it all onto a cookie sheet and then cut it into cubes or other fun shapes.


Individually Wrapped Candies

You can still put a few of the traditional treats in your child’s Easter Basket. Just get the ones that come individually wrapped. This ensures that there is portion control.


Peanut Butter Eggs

This may not be for those with nut allergies, but for everyone else, peanut butter eggs can be one of the favorite Easter treats. The thing is, they are typically large portions and have much more in them than just peanut butter. The fillings typically contain more sugar than actual peanuts most of the time. You can make your own eggs though, with ingredients that are recognizable and you can even switch up the nut butter for almond butter or any other type of nut butter that you and your family prefer. This gives the kids more vitamin E, iron and fiber along with their Easter treats.



We all know that the Easter Bunny loves carrots, right? Use a green ribbon to tie up a few carrot sticks or get some baby carrots and fill up some small, holiday themed cellophane bags with them. For a healthy dip, you can add a few small individual hummus containers to their basket.

Making a healthier Easter Basket isn’t something that is challenging. Just add a few healthy snacks to it and a few less of the sugary snacks and you are good to go.

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