Monday, March 28, 2016

Fun April Fool’s Day Pranks for Families

april fools day pranks
April Fool’s Day is a great day to have a lot of fun with your family and friends. There are so many epic pranks that you can pull. Now, you can live up to the name of this day with these ideas that will totally confuse (and may even scare) your family.


Something Happened to the Milk 

Your kids will be really freaked out when you pour them a glass of milk and it is blue! This prank is easy too, just add a few drops of blue food coloring to the milk and wait for breakfast. It will still be good to drink too!

Fake Bugs 

For kids who want to get mom and dad, just get a fake bug and hide it in their slippers. This is a good way to get anyone first thing in the morning!

Dresser Messer Upper 

When your kids are sleeping, go to their dresser and rearrange all of their clothes. When the kids wake up and ask what happened to their dressers, you can tell them the Dresser Messer Upper Elves did it.

Somebody’s Watching 

You Get some googly eyes from your local craft store and then randomly stick them on different household items. You can put some on the toothpaste tubes, drinking glasses, pictures, and anything else.

Crazy Teeth 

Use a drop or two of food coloring on the kids’ toothbrushes to turn their teeth different colors.

Giant Popsicle 

For this one, you will need a dowel from your local craft store and an empty can that has been thoroughly washed. Fill the can with juice, Kool aid, or any other drink the kids like and stick the dowel in it. Freeze it solid and on April Fool’s Day when the kids ask for a popsicle, give them this giant one.

Fake Dad 

Get a pair of dad’s pants, shoes and socks and then stuffed them to where they look like dad is wearing them. Prop them up on a chair at the table behind a newspaper. The kids will be fooled and get a real laugh out of this one.


If the kids are old enough to read, give them a word scrambler that is nothing but nonsense. See how long it takes before the kids realize that there are no real words.

You can do these or come up with some fun pranks yourself. The point is to spend a bit of time with your family and enjoy a few laughs.

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