Monday, February 29, 2016

How Planting a Garden can Save Money on Food Costs

planting a garden
We all know that sadly, money doesn’t just grow on trees, but that doesn't stop our kids from eating. When you are raising a big family, you spend a lot on food...A LOT! It is possible to save money by growing a vegetable garden. In fact, if you listen to a seed company called Burpee, having a vegetable garden of your own can get you a savings at a ratio of 1 – 25. In other words, if you spend $50 on seeds, that can get you a savings of $1,250 for veggies that you no longer need to buy. Not too bad for a little money and a little time. Not to mention, with Spring right around the corner, it's a great way to spend some time with the family and to get everyone involved.

Benefits of a Vegetable Garden 

Most homeowners find gardening appealing when it comes to flowers and shrubs, but can be a bit intimidated by the thought of a vegetable garden because of the commitment that it requires. That being said, there are more benefits to a vegetable garden than just saving money.

1. Vegetables fresh from the garden are delicious.
2. You know exactly what is going on with your food and what goes into it.
3. Vegetables that are eaten when they have just been picked have more nutritional content.

Which Vegetables will Offer the Most Savings? 

For those looking to save money by having a vegetable garden, take a hint from experienced gardeners who opt for the same seeds each year. While the varieties might change, the old standbys are carrots, beans and tomatoes.

If you are just now considering to get into saving money by gardening, Burpee has chosen 6 of the classic vegetable seeds that you can grow and then harvest throughout the summer.
  • Bush snap beans 
  • Lettuce 
  • Carrots 
  • Bell peppers 
  • Garden peas 
  • Tomatoes 
How much money you can actually save by growing your own vegetables can fluctuate as the prices of produce rises and falls. However, you will never see a vegetable garden that needs a financial bailout.

Ready to Start Planting? 

For you first time gardeners, just be ready to dig a lot of holes. Gardening is not a passive activity. You can’t just plant the seeds and then forget about them. Look for a sunny area in your yard. Even a small, 20’ x 20’ space will give you the room that you will need for a variety of veggies while not overwhelming you.

The key element to a fantastic garden are warm weather and exposure to the sun. Don’t coddle them, over water, or overfeed them. Give them access to the sun and let them do their thing.

Do you grow your own garden to save money on food costs?

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