Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How to Save Money with Birthday Gifts

save money with birthday gifts
When you have a large family, it seems like it's always someone's birthday. And, if it's like our house, birthdays are back to back or next to other large expenses, like back to school shopping or holidays. With numerous kids, the costs of birthdays can quickly ad up, but there are ways to cut the costs.

If you are looking for a way to pare down the costs of buying gifts for all of the birthday parties that your children will be invited to over the course of a year…or for your own children’s gifts, if you don’t wait until the absolute last minute, it can be easy.

How to Save Money with Birthday Gifts

Buy items for gifts when you catch them on sale throughout the year. If you need another item to qualify for free shipping, head over to the clearance toy rack for kids around the same age as your kids. You typically will know all of their ages and what they are into. Scour all of those after holiday sales racks…even if you don’t need anything right then. Take these things home and put them into a box so that the next time a birthday comes up; you will have a gift on hand. This is an amazing way to give awesome gifts for around $5 - $10 while not sacrificing on the cool factor.

Yes, gifts for parties can get expensive, but they never need to cripple your wallet. Shop for them when the prices are right and you will be able to save money in the long run.

Here is a look at a few more tips to save money on gifts:
  • Check out yard sales. Sometimes they will have toys that are in the original packaging and have never been opened. 
  • The clearance section at Walmart tends to always be full of lower priced toy and gift items. 
  • Go to the Dollar Tree and create a gift basket with a few of the $1 toys. Fill the basket up with things like bubbles, glow sticks, bug catchers, water guns, chalk, etc. If the child in question is more of an indoorsy type, fill the basket with things like craft projects, board games, puzzles, books, activity books and/or coloring books. 
  • Target has a clearance on toys twice a year with great rock bottom prices. 
  • After Christmas sales on gift sets are also a good idea. 
  • Amazon typically has great prices on toys too. 
  • Clip coupons for art stores like Hobby Lobby and Joann’s. They carry things like art supplies and play dough, puzzles and dress up items. 
  • If there is a 5 Below in your area, this is an amazing place to get gifts for $5 or less. 
All of these are great ways to save money on birthday gifts for your children, as well as for when they are invited to a party and expected to bring a gift. 
How do you save money on birthday gifts when raising a large family?

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