Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Review: Child Guard

Product: Child Guard

Product Description:
The best safety device that instantly sounds an alarm and a warning light also flashes if your child falls into the pool, pond, river or other water places.

  • Fish wristband has locking buckle
  • Base station will sound an alarm when Fish is immersed in water
  • Alarm loudness is similar to that of most house alarms
  • One base station can operate with many fish
  • Battery life of fish is at least three years with daily testing in water
  • The maximum distance of the Child Guard is 200 feet in open surroundings
  • Base station emits a lout alarm about 100 dB
  • When the alarm sounds, a warning light will also flash
  • Test and assure Child Guard can normally alarm before using this device
  • Read and retain enclosed user manual carefully

Recommend? Yes

Recently, I was asked to review the Child Guard alarm system. I was thrilled. As a mother of 4 young kids, water safety is a top priority in our house. Living in Arizona, it seems like child drownings and near drownings are an every day occurrence during the warmer months out here. In fact, one in five children who die from drowning are children 14 years old or younger. That's pretty scary, which is why the one mandatory activity my children have to participate in are swimming lessons. While my kids have been in swimming lessons for years, I wouldn't heavily rely on their swimming skills just quite yet.

Water accidents can happen in an instant and you need to be properly prepared for any potential water danger. The Child Guard is the perfect device for just that. I tried out the system on my youngest, who has just turned 5. He loves water! He can be a bit picky so I wasn't quite sure if he would wear the wrist device. But, he loved the fish design, and I loved the locking buckle because he couldn't take it off.

Now, we have a pool that is fenced off, but of course, a child slipping out of sight and into the pool is always a concern. Although my children know to ask permission and have never gone into the pool without permission, we know there's the possibility. So, we decided to give the Child Guard a try. I stayed in the house while my husband took my son out to the pool. They got in the water and what seemed like an instant the alarm went off. It was loud enough for me to hear in the house (and my neighbors as well). It will definitely alert someone should their child fall in the water when they aren't outside with them.

One big thing in our family is the lake. We love going to the lake, but it can be a little stressful trying to keep an eye on all four children. The Child Guard came in so handy at our last visit to the lake. Often, my older three want to go in the water while my youngest wants to sit on the shore. However, this is a little nerve wracking to take the older 3 in the water while my youngest plays in the sand. But, with the Child Guard, this makes it a little easier. Since the base station is portable, we took it with us to the lake. I was able to take my older three kids into the water while my son played on the sand because I knew I would instantly hear the alarm should he have wandered into the water. It gave me more peace of mind to relax a little more to enjoy the day.

As parents, we are all concerned about the safety of our children. No matter how closely we watch them, there's always the possibility a tragic accident can occur. The Child Guard is an awesome way to help you protect your child. You will be instantly alerted when they enter water, allowing you to react quickly in the event of a water accident. We all know seconds matter when it comes to drowning. With the Child Guard, you'll save valuable time reaching your child. I highly recommend the Child Guard system.

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