Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Defeat the Laundry Battle: Laundry Tips when Raising a Large Family

When you're raising a large family, it seems like laundry rules your life. If you're anything like me, there are always clothes to wash...every...single...day! It never ends. And, just when you think you get caught up, someone cleans their room and the hamper is full again. Since we can't all run around naked, we simply have to learn how to get a handle on the laundry situation so it isn't so overwhelming.

Here's how I've managed to defeat the laundry battle and get it under control.

A Great Washer

The best thing I ever did was buy a new washer-- you know those ones you can shove a million pairs of pants in and has no agitator? Although it was a bit pricey, it has turned into a huge investment that has paid for itself. Before, I was washing 20-25 loads a week and now I am down to about 15. Plus, it's one of those energy efficient ones so we have cut our water and electric bills and we even go through less laundry detergent.

I love it because I can wash less loads, and I can even throw an entire kid's bedding in it as one load. Score!

Separate Clothes Hampers

Once upon a time, we had a clothes hamper in each bathroom. No matter how much laundry I washed, they were always overflowing and you had to fight through towels, socks, and everything else just to take a shower. Then, a light bulb clicked-- every one gets their own clothes hamper. This is simplified life in soooo many ways!

Now, every one has a dedicated day they get their laundry washed and it's already sorted. So, after it's washed and dried, it gets put back into their hamper so it's already sorted and ready to be folded and put away. This has made a HUGE difference.

Before, clothes would be taken out of the dryer and thrown on the couch. At the end of the day, we would sit there for hours sorting, folding, and bickering over what belonged to who. Now, the Mount Everest of laundry is no longer consuming my couch, clothes are already sorted, and there are no long battles about someone wearing the wrong shorts.

While I still may never be caught up on laundry, it certainly isn't taking over my life anymore or the house. Organizing everyone's laundry has really made life easier, and we now have defeated the laundry battle. Plus, it's nice to be able to sit on all of our couch.

How do you handle laundry in your house? What tips do you have to fight the battle?


  1. Thank you for this tip. I have been saying for a while that I thought everyone having their own basket would help so I'm going to get baskets this weekend. I'm drowning right now!

  2. It helps a lot. The biggest struggle is still getting the kids to put the clothes IN the hamper and not next to it lol