Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kindergarten Readiness for Moms: When Your Baby is Starting Kindergarten

starting kindergarten
The new school year starts in two days, which will mark a new beginning and a time of change for my family. My baby, who has never been away from me for more than 4 hours in his whole life, will be heading to full-day kindergarten this year. With all four kids heading to school this year, it has been a summer full of mixed emotions and a certain sense of feeling lost.

Starting Kindergarten

For the past 10 years, I have been a stay-at-home and work-at-home mother. For 10 years, my life has consisted of bottles, potty training, flash cards, and reading the same Dr. Seuss book 50 times in a row. Now that all kids will be at school, it has left me with a sense of confusion and mourning in a way. Having kids at home is all I know. It's who I am.

It's sad, scary, and exciting that my last baby is heading to school, but I know what comes next. Once they start school, slowly but surely, they find their independence and no longer need their mommy as much. What will I do when my little snuggle bug no longer needs me to tie his shoes, help him brush his teeth, or read him a bedtime story?

I am a stay-at-home mom, through and through. If there are no kids at home, what is the point of staying home? What is there to do all day? The dishes? Work? Who will I make lunch? This has left me with such a sense of feeling lost and confused as to what I will do with myself that thoughts even crossed my mind to have another baby because this stay-at-home mom life is all I have known.

Kindergarten Readiness for Moms

After a while, I really began to think about it. Life is going to be changing as we know it for our entire family. No, I may not be snuggling at nap time, singing the ABCs, or cleaning up spills as much, so now I will have to crave a new place, a new sense of existence in my life.

For the past 10 years, I have been a mommy and there has never been any "me time," not one second of it. It's something I always said I wanted, something I needed. With all four kids heading to school, I will finally be getting that. Although it's a little terrifying thinking I will have time to myself and what exactly I will do with that time, it's also exciting. Maybe I will finally get a chance to read my enourmous stack of books. Maybe I will go back to school. Or, maybe I will just take a nap.

No matter what, as school starts in a couple days, this is going to be a new journey for my entire family. While it may take time to adjust, the anxiety has subsided and I am now ready for the next chapter in our life. Although I am sure the deafening silence that will fill the house for the first few days may be hard to swallow, I'm looking forward to what life has in store next. I'm now ready for the next stage that doesn't include babies, toddlers, or preschoolers.

I'm officially ready to move on to see how my role as a mother and wife will change. I'm excited to see my children grow older and begin venturing out into the world more and more.

While I still may not know what I am going to do with myself with all four kids out of the house, I'm ready. I'm ready for a new chapter full of exciting journeys to begin.

How did you handle your last baby going to school? How did you manage the mommy down time?

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