Friday, April 17, 2015

Summer Camping Safety Tips

summer camping
With summer quickly approaching, many of us are planning on packing up our family to head out for a bit of camping. Summer camping is a great time to go outdoors and connect with nature while bonding with your family.

However, camping trips can easily turn disastrous and even deadly in a matter of seconds. Following simple summer camping safety tips will help decrease the chances of something going wrong and keep your family safe.

By taking a few extra precautions you can ensure your summer camping trip will be an enjoyable vacation.

Camping Preparation
Although camping trips are meant for leisure and enjoyment, safety precautions must always be kept in mind. Before you head out, proper preparation is vital. Take a few extra minutes to prepare and plan out the trip to decrease the chances of a serious complication from occurring.

Your preparation plan should include your destination, arrival time, and departure time. Once your plan is complete, it is important to give the plan to someone else. This is important because if something unexpected should happen, they will know where and when to find you.

Check the Weather
Before leaving on a camping trip, it is important to frequently check the weather. Weather conditions can change unexpectedly and lead to severe complications. Always plan ahead and bring warmer clothing and rain gear just in case of an unexpected storm. Also make sure you have plenty of food and water in case you should become trapped by an accident of severe weather.

Arrival at the Camp Site
Summer camping safety tips also involves the arrival at the camp site. You should plan on arriving at the camp site a couple hours before dusk. This is very important because it gives you time to survey the area for safety concerns. If you arrive in the dark, you can run into an unexpected cliff, stumble on a rock, or put your tent on an ant hill-- among a number of many other possible complications.

Survey the Camp Site When arriving to the camp site, it is important to survey the area for any potential hazards. Nature can hide many unexpected risks, such a as snake holes, bee hives, and upturned tree roots. These are all things you will want to avoid when picking a camp site.

Following safety precautions can decrease the chance of something unexpected occurring causing devastation and possible death. A few extra minutes of preparation can make all the difference in the world when it comes to summer camping with your family.

Are you planning a camping trip this summer?

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