Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Latest Teen Drug Trend: Salvia

The world is changing, and it's now a far different place for our children to grow up in than when we were kids. Now, drugs are transforming from the common ones we grew up with. There are so many different types of substances kids are abusing nowadays, that as parents, it can be difficult to keep up with what to look out for.

One of the latest teen drug trend may come to surprise many people because it is completely legal in most states. This powerful new drug teens are using is Salvia. Salvia is a hallucinogenic herb that has become widely accessible to teens. Teens can find this herb available online, tobacco stores, and even stores that sell herbal remedies.

The herb Salvia is a member of the sage family that produces vivid, dream-like effects when it is smoked. Often, certain variations of Salvia are grown in home gardens. The contents of Salvia can be as potent as LSD, causing it to be an extremely powerful hallucinogen.

After much research was conducted, evidence showed that Saliva alters the same areas of the brain as Morphine and opioids. Most teens who try this drug are so uncomfortable by their first experience they choose not to use it again, disproving their original belief that it will produce a marijuana-like high. The experience of smoking Salvia is in no way similar to those of marijuana. The hallucinations from this herb are said to be extremely intense and frightening.  We've all heard the news stories about those abusing the herb and the terrible, violent behaviors that resulted.

Although Saliva has a dangerous side, it also has a promising side. It is believed to provide many natural health benefits, including treating Alzheimer's. For the promising results Saliva may produce, is the main reason why states have not pushed to ban this herb. Many believe that if the herb is made illegal, the much needed research needed for the health benefits of Salvia will be slowed or even halted.

However, most believe there should be some form of regulations. The best solution many people see is to not make it completely illegal but regulate it like alcohol. This would make in harder for teens to get, but still allow the much needed research.

As parents, we need to stay educated on the changing substance abuses our children are facing. Salvia is just one of the few to break into the scenes.

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