Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kids Corner: Making Juice at Home with Kids

making juice
Recently, my children and I tried making juice at home. After trying to explain to my children how juice was made, I thought it would be fun for them to give it a try. Plus, it also teaches them about making healthy eating choices.

Making Juice

I took my children to the grocery store to let them pick out any fruit they wanted. Although at first they were convinced that we only needed one lime and one grapefruit, they quickly got excited to pick out a wider variety. We went around to the different types of fruits, and I explained to them what each one was and how it tasted. They then made their decisions based on what they thought they would like best.

After we were well stocked with fruit for our juice we headed home. With the anticipation hardly contained inside their little bodies, we started our day of juice making. They all crowded around the sink to clean the fruit and even got to cut a few up on their own. Once everything was cut, we got started.

I do not have a juicer so we had to make due with a food processor, which worked great. I carefully let them select which fruit to add in first. Then, after a couple of glasses of juice had been made, we would take a drink and discuss how we could change it to make it taste even better.

With each glass, we changed the amount of certain fruits that were placed into the food processor. After a few glasses and the fruit began to dwindle, they agreed that the perfect juice consisted of apple, orange, and lemon. This activity made them feel for proud of their juice making accomplishment.

Making juice at home with my kids was a fun activity everyone enjoyed. Now, we try to make it a weekly event. Every trip to the grocery store now has the special moment where we go pick out the fruit for their juice.

Have you tried making juice at home with your kids? How did you get them involved?

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