Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Facing the Stereotypes of Raising a Big Family

When you have more than the average number of children, there's a certain level of judgement you face from those around and society in general. We've all heard some type of stereotype regarding raising a big family directed our way. In fact, I've had some down right rude and shocking comments made. For me, I guess I've developed a pretty thick skin, and the comments and remarks don't really bother me too much, but for others, I know it can be very difficult, especially when those comments come from people who are close to you.

Over the last few years as our family has grown, I've heard a lot of sterotypical comments. Some of my favorite are:
  • They do make birth control.
  • How can you afford them all?
  • Maybe I should have another kid to get more money.
  • You're not pregnant AGAIN are you?
  • I feel bad for your kids. They never get any one-one-one time.
Of course, there are the other stereotypes that children from large families all misbehave, get lost in the shuffle, and suffer because there's never enough to go around. And, naturally, people think you and your spouse just do it like rabbits.

Unfortionately, there's not much you can to do to sway others' views. They are going to think what they think and say what they say no matter what. There's no point in wasting your time trying to defend your beliefs or your family if they aren't open to see the truth. No matter how out of place their comments may be, all you can really do is ignore it. Afterall, no one knows your family like you do.

How do you deal with the stereotypes of raising a large family? What are some of the comments you've received?

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