Monday, December 8, 2014

How Kids Can Give Back to the Community

I love teaching my children the importance of giving back and ways to help the community. It's an important lesson they will need their entire life. At a young age, it's great to teach kids to give back to the community. Even while starting at a young age, there are many things kids can to help out in the community. By starting at a young age, you can promote this behavior throughout their childhood and adolescence. There are many things kids of any age can do to give back to the community they live in.

Retirement Communities
A great way to allow kids to give back is to take them to retirement communities. Kids can perform shows and skits or read to the elderly tenants within the communities. They can even simply lend an ear to someone that wants to talk. Members of retirement communities often love to hear the stories kids tell and to just hang out with kids in general. It's a great way for your kids to give something back.

Collecting Toys
You can help your kids give back to other kids. Throughout the year, help your kids collect unopened toys from neighbors, friends, and family. You can even set up a little donation area. At the end of the year, around Christmas time, have your kids donate the toys they have accumulated throughout the year to local orphanages, children hospitals, or foster care systems. This is a great way for children to help out their peers.

Donating To Charity
A great way for kids to get involved and give back is to donate to local communities. A wonderful way for kids to do this is to collect soda cans at home. Your kids can ask family, friends, and neighbor to save their soda cans for your kids as well. Your children can even collect cans with you around the neighborhood. This will help others and help the environment. After your children have collected enough cans, take them to the recycling center. Allow your kids to donate the money they earned through recycling the cans to a local charity of their choice.

Packing Food Boxes
Another great way kids can give back to the community is to pack food boxes for the less fortunate. Many churches and other local organizations collect food donations. Later, these donations are packed into boxes to be distributed to the less fortunate. This is a great and simple way for both you and your children to give back.

It's important to set an example for your children while they are young. Giving back to the community is a wonderful way to show your kids generosity and to help others in the process, These ideas for kids giving back will instill great morals and values into your children.

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