Wednesday, November 12, 2014

You Don't Have to Sext to be Cool

With the instant ease of access to technology, many teens these days find themselves sexting comfortably because it's considered to be "the thing to do" among teen relationships and social circles. Sexting involves sending or receiving sexually explicit material via texting or email. It's estimated, 20% of teens have sent sexually explicit material and 33% of young adults admit to the same behavior. With these alarming numbers, it's obvious sexting is a serious issue and won't be resolved as long as teens think sexting is cool. Teens need to be aware, you don't have to sext to be cool!

Why do teens sext?
Many teens think sexting is cool because they see their peers participating in this activity, but if teens knew the consequences of sexting they might think twice before hitting the send button. Many teens, especially girls, who are in relationships have the misconception, in order to stay in a relationship they must participate in sexting due to the seductive nature involved. However, many teens don't realize these relationships are sure to end on bad terms, which leaves the explicit material more than likely to be used against the other.

Breaking the Myth
Teens need to realize, although they trust their partner and friends, friends and relationships come and go all too quickly throughout the teen years. And no matter how much they believe they can trust someone, they just can't take the risk when it comes to sending sexually explicit material. As relationships and friendships end, those images, videos and messages are more than likely to be sent to others to try to "get back" at the other person. These sexitng messages spread like wildfire and are very difficult to stop, resulting in humiliation and social anxiety.

The sexting material call fall into the wrong hands other ways as well. Phones are often lost or stolen, and any material on the phone can be accessed by strangers and used in anyway they wish, sent to others, uploaded to social networking sites and even shared on YouTube.

It's important to explain to your teen, you don't have to sext to be cool. They need to be aware of the severe consequences that can occur by sending these explicit messages.

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