Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Top 5 Careers for Women in 2014

Best Careers for Women for Gender Equality

More than 50 years has passed since the Equal Pay Act was implemented for women in the workplace. However, despite the act, many women still face being treated unequally. Often, the road to climb the corporate ladder is harder for many women, but it isn't impossible. In fact, women are now able to reach very lucrative careers, which are in high demand. Careers for women that offer huge financial reward and personal fulfillment include working within the health care field, technology sector, and many other high demand industries. Here's a look at the top 5 careers for women in 2014.

#5-- Technology
Technology is the wave of the future and offers an undying career choice as long as you stay current with all of the changes. Any career within the technology sector offers a promising future with financial gain. However, among the top careers for women in technology include Computer and Information Systems Managers. Unfortunately, careers in technology are still male dominated, but it isn't impossible to develop a successful career in the industry. If successful, the average yearly income is an estimated $79,000.

#4-- Nurse Practitioners
Just about any career in the health care field offers a long term and financially stable career choice. Among the top careers for women in the health care field are Nurse Practitioners. Currently, more women than men work as Nurse Practitioners, earning an estimated 80,000 per year. The need for Nurse Practitioners in constant and expected to grow every year.

#3-- Lawyers
Landing in the number three spot for top careers for women are lawyers. A lawyer is a professional who will always be needed; therefore, it offers a stable career choice that will always be in demand. Plus, the financial rewards are nothing to complain about. On average, a woman lawyer earns around $85,000 annually, which is close to equal when compared to men. Although male lawyers continue to earn a little more than women in this field, advancements and earning potential remain promising.

#2-- Chief Executives
Earning the title as a Chief Executive was once an almost unachievable task for women. Although the road to get there can still be difficult, more and more women are landing the role as Chief Executive. Earning an estimated $90,000 annually, it offers a solid career choice; however, that amount remains far less than men who are Chief Executives. It's believed, the vast difference in pay scale is due to the difference in industries and some remaining gender discrimination.

#1-- Pharmacist
Becoming a pharmacist is not only one of the most financially rewarding careers for women, but also one of the most equal careers for men and women. In fact, a little more than half of the pharmacists in the United States are women, offering almost perfect gender quality. The benefits don't stop there. Earning an approximate $98,000 annually, women who become pharmacists earn equal pay when compared to men. Pharmacists are always in high demand, offering a stable career path.

No matter if your career choice falls within the top 5 careers for women or not, you have a very promising chance of bypassing gender discrimination for a stable and financially rewarding career.

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