Monday, November 10, 2014

Mommy Management when Raising a Big Family

When you're a mother, every day is full of surprises. Even when you plan ahead, something unexpected always pops up and can put a kink in your day. For most, this may not be an issue, but for mothers like me, who have 4 kids and work from home, the smallest kink can throw off the entire day, if not the entire week. Keeping everything running smoothly in my household requires a weeks worth of planning and serious time mommy management to ensure the week runs smoothly and productively when raising a big family. One unexpected event (a sick kid, school meeting, etc.) can throw off the whole day.

Here's how a day is suppose to go in my house:

5:30- 6:30-- Get dressed

6:30- 7:00-- Check emails for work

7:00- 8:00-- Get kids up, fed, and ready for school. Clean the house and feed the critters.

8:00-8:30-- 3 of 4 kids head to school.

8:30-12:00-- Work and wash laundry.

12:00-12:30-- Lunch, make phone calls, and clean.

12:30- 3:00-- Work and laundry routine again.

3:00-3:30-- Spend time with hubby and get some cleaning done before kids are home.

3:30-6:30-- Kids are home. Juggle homework with ballet, tennis, and other after school activities while cleaning and trying to get dinner cooked.

6:30-7:00-- Spend sometime with the kids. while cleaning and doing the dishes.

7:00-8:00-- Bedtime routine starts

8:00-9:00-- Finish work I didn't get done, spend time with hubby before I pass out.


Although this is how I plan for the days to go, they never do. Something unexpected always happens and you just have to learn how to deal with it. Most of the time I'm supposed to spend working, never goes that smoothly because someone always wants a story read, needs a drink, or a cuddle. But, that's OK. I will gladly take a break from working to sit down and read Green Eggs and Ham 5 times in a row because moments like this won't be around forever as the kids continue to get older.

Yes, it may throw some kinks in my day, but I gladly accept them because my kids mean everything. No, all my work isn't always done, the laundry isn't always folded, and the dishes aren't always done but the kids are happy and loved, even if I'm covered in spit up and my work is piling up. Even when you're so busy you feel like pulling your hair out, remember to always take these little breaks to spend moments with your kids because nothing else really matters.

What is a day like in your house? How do you deal with all of the demands asked from you?

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