Monday, November 17, 2014

Dealing with 'Oh, no you didn't!' Situations

As parents, we often have to deal with situations with our young children that can only result in us saying "Oh! No you Didn't!?" Moments like this can be overwhelming when they first occur but later when we look back, we can think, did I react correctly? Did I handle the situation the best I could? Is it now funny when you look back on it?

One moment that stands out the most to me involves my then 3 year old son and an economy sized bottle of baby powder. I had walked outside to take the trash out and as I was walking back to the house I was struck by an overwhelming scent of shampoo. I walked into the house and asked my husband if he had smelled it. Automatically, both of our heads turned to the hallway where the boys' rooms were. Without hesitation, we jetted down the hall to find my ghostly looking child innocently trying to hide the empty bottle of baby powder that he was now covered in.

You don't realize just how much powder comes in the container until it's all over your house. Both of the boys' bedrooms and bathroom were now covered in a thick covering of powder. It was everywhere! In the toilet, tub, dresser drawers, and toy boxes. No place was left untouched. The entire back of the house was white!!

While I stood there with my bottom jaw on the floor staring at my son, I was trying to decide if I should cry or laugh. The only thing I could think of to do was to remove myself from the situation to think. I told my son to get back in the bed while I went outside to call my grandmother for a word of advice. However, all I got was a good chuckle, which at the time seemed out of place.

After hanging up the phone, I handed my son a rag and told him to start cleaning. Just a note- mixing water with baby powder results in a thick plaster, I don't recommend it. After 2 hours of myself, my husband, and both boys cleaning up the powder we still had baby powder everywhere for weeks.

Looking back at the situation now, I feel I handled it fairly well. When I look back now, I realize I should have only changed my reaction. I should have immediately laughed instead of becoming horrified, because it was after all a little funny. I am very happy with the fact I chose to remove myself from the situation before reacting.

One of my fondest moments as a child includes my best friend and I with a fan and a bottle of baby powder. I was about 6 or 7 when we discovered if you turn the fan on and spray the powder into the fan it blows all over the room. We had a blast! It was cheap entertainment and didn't harm a thing. After we ran out of powder, we cleaned up our mess and that was that.

If I had remembered this moment while I stood there awestruck at my son, I think I would have reacted much better. So here's my lesson from this experience:

If you did it as a child and everyone survived with no broken bones and the house is still standing, don't over react! Kids will be kids, just think back to the things you did as a child. If your child should happen to do this, at least baby powder is inexpensive to buy and your house will smell great for a few days. Just make sure the area is very well ventilated.

I now fully understand why my grandmother laughed. Even now I look back and chuckle, which I should have done in the first place. And I know with 100% certainty, quiet kids never lead to anything good.

What moments like this have you experienced? Do you think you handled it well? Would you do anything differently? Share with us your experience.

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