Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Water Saving Tips for Raising Large Families

If your house is anything like mine, we use A LOT of water. There are so many showers to take, so much clothes to wash, and a ton of dishes that need done. On top of it all, the kids seem to think they all need to take 30 minute showers, the sink is a fun place to float boats, and a facet is always left on. Our water bill is scary, so I try to do everything I can to help save water.

Here are some water saving tips I use:

Tip #1-- Washing Machine
When using the washing machine, only wash full loads of clothing. It uses much more water to wash many small loads of cloths than one or two full loads. It is also a good idea to wash full loads of dishes in the dishwasher. Using both of these techniques will help reduce your water utility bill.My energy star washer and dishwasher have already paid for their self with how much we save on water and electricity....

Tip #2-- Bathroom
There are many changes you can make in the bathroom to lower your water use. Install low-flow toilets in the bathrooms to reduce water use. By taking shorter showers you will notice obvious benefits to your water bill. While running the water in the shower to wait for it to reach the right temperature, catch the water in a bucket. The water can then later be used to water plants. Do not let the water run while you brush your teeth (my husband is terrible with this). Repair any leaks in the bathroom piping or faucets. Using low-flow shower heads and faucets reduces water use as well.

Tip #3-- Outdoors
Water is often used outside the house for many purposes. Changing a few of your habits can reduce your water use. Make sure your sprinklers and drip lines are well adjusted. Check to make sure they are watering the proper spots and are not leaking. Sprinkler systems should be adjusted with each change of season and should not be used when it is raining. During hot days, watering in the evenings and mornings is best. If your house has gutters, place them so they drain into your plants or lawn. To save extra water, wash your vehicle using a bucket and limit the amount of times you rinse the car off. Never squirt off your porch and sidewalks, use a broom instead.

Tip #4- Kitchen
Water use can be reduced in the kitchen as well. Check the piping and faucets in the kitchen frequently for leaks. Low-flow faucets can reduce water use in the kitchen. When thawing frozen foods, do not use running water. To reduce water use, do not let the water run while washing dishes.
By fallowing these simple water saving tips you can reduce your water bill and help the environment at the same time.

How do you help your family save water?

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