Friday, October 3, 2014

Tips to Teach Your Preschooler to Recognize Letters

As a stay at home mother, I learned fun activities to teach my preschoolers concepts they need to know to begin their journey into the educational world. One concept they need to know is letter recognition. I found a fun and creative activity to teach my children to not only recognize the letters of the alphabet, but to determine whether or not a letter is in the uppercase or lowercase form.

Materials and Preparation In order to do this activity, you will need a few simple materials that should cost under $5.00. For this activity you will need:
  • 26 Index Card
  • 1 Brown Lunch Sack
  • 1 Pen
  • Scissors
To begin this activity, you will need to cut each index card in half (the short length) to create 52 cards. Write one letter per card of the alphabet in the uppercase form and one letter per card of the alphabet in the lowercase form. Place all the cards into the brown lunch sack and shake the bag to shuffle them.

Play Time To play this activity, have your child pick a card from the bag. Discuss the letter they have picked and what sounds the letter makes. List words they know that begin with that letter. Next, discuss whether the letter is in the uppercase or lowercase. Repeat this until all the cards are out of the bag.

As you child begins to become familiar with the letters, have them stand up for uppercase letters, and sit down for lowercase letters. This allows them to have fun with the activity. Once they begin to know the letters of the alphabet well, have them tell you what letter it is and what sound it makes. You can have them tell you what word begins with that letter.

Later, you can switch the game up and become more involved. Let your child have the bag of letters. Allow them to pick a letter, and you can say which letter it is, what sound it makes, and what word begins with that letter. You can even stand up and sit down for the uppercase and lowercase letters.
This is a fun activity to teach your preschooler to recognize letters. They can have fun learning the uppercase and lowercase forms of the alphabet. Also, they can learn the basic concepts to reading when they learn what sound letters make.

Children that learn to recognize letters early will have a head start in school. Children usually can begin learning letters by the age of two years old. Using fun activities to teach young children will keep them more engaged and interested in learning.

How do you teach your preschoolers to recognize letters?

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