Thursday, October 16, 2014

Some Day You'll Have a Child Just Like You!

As a teenager, my mother use to warn me, "someday you'll have a child just like you!" Usually, I was told this while I was being a pain in the neck, but of course, I didn't listen to the threat...or omen. But, it turns out, it's true. My oldest son is just like me, and sometimes it scares me how similar we are, especially as we move closer to the teen years because I know how I was as a teen. Even though my children may look a lot alike, they are all different. It amazes me some times just how different they are from one another but how similar they are to me and my husband.

My Step-daughter
My step-daughter is so much like my husband, which is odd to me because even though she lives with us full time now, in prior years, we weren't able to spend very much time with her. This just shows me your child's personality is somewhat instinctive. She is so much like him it's unbelievable at times. They are both risk takers, adventurous, athletic, fearless, and happy-go-lucky type of people. They both share an immense love for water, the outdoors, and experience life to the fullest. Plus, she's naturally gifted at sports.

My Oldest Son
My oldest son is the one who scares me sometimes. He's so much like me it's unreal. It's very hard to see any of his father in him at times. He is so intellectual and thinks so logically, exactly like me. He's also extremely stubborn and determined...just like me. Yes, this is a good thing, but like I said, my stubbornness and determination is what made my teen years so difficult between my mother and I, and that's what scares me. He's also very socially delayed and self conscious, just like I was at that age. That scares me also because I don't want him to feel the insecurities I felt growing up. He's far too serious about the small things, just like me. I can relate to how my son is feeling very easily because he's so much like me, which helps me out a lot with raising him.

My Middle Son
My middle son is more like my husband than me. He loves life, loves to laugh, and loves to joke. There isn't a serious bone in his body. He also has a risk taking side, but exhibits more caution than my step daughter, which I think he gets from me. He's more sensitive about certain things than the other children, which I'm not sure where he gets it from...maybe it's middle child syndrome. He just can't wait to go play or do something new, just like my husband. Some times I have trouble relating to my son because he's so different from myself. He's good at hiding how he really feels so it makes him difficult to read sometimes, just like his father.

My Youngest Son
I think my youngest son must have been dropped off by aliens. He is so unlike my husband or I in a lot of ways, bu very similar in others. So far, I see he has a short temper, which he probably gets from me, even though I hate to admit it. He's also a very determined little guy but loves to have fun and laugh. He's a lot more independent than the other children were at this age, which I see him getting from his father. He's also a fast learner, but he has 3 good older teachers helping him out. He is also extremely caring and will be your snuggle bug, but has no problem going off and doing his own thing. He's very animated and quite the character.

When I sit back and think about it, it's amazing how similar, yet how vastly different each child is. It's funny and interesting to see different bits and pieces of myself and my husband in each of my children. And, it turns out my mother was right, I have a child just like me.

Have you noticed the differences in your children? Did you end up with a child just like you?

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