Thursday, October 2, 2014

Playtime for Toddlers: The Benefits of Puzzles

We all know playtime for toddlers is an important aspect of a child's developmental process. Did you know playtime doesn't need to consist of strictly toys? There are many great activities for toddlers to help stimulate their minds and allow them to have fun in the process. I incorporated puzzles into my children's playtime. I love the benefits of doing puzzles. In just a short time, this simple task gave my toddlers strides in their developmental improvements.

The Benefits of Doing Puzzles

Puzzles are a great thing to begin incorporating into playtime for toddlers. Not only are puzzles cheap entertainment, but they boost a child's problem solving skills. It took my kids a little practice but in no time they were able to successfully build puzzles. I sit their watching them and I am truly amazed at their abilities to solve the puzzles. In just a short time they have conquered rotating the pieces to place them together instead of just randomly picking pieces. It really is a delight to see their problem solving skills increase with just puzzles.

The benefits of doing puzzles continues to include toddlers coordination and motor skills. Since my toddlers began doing puzzles their ability to control their hands and fingers has improved tremendously. Because they have shown an improvement in this area, I have also seen it reflect in their art time projects. Holding crayons and drawing has become easier as well.

I can't get over the benefits of doing puzzles. For $4.00 you can pick up a 25 piece puzzle for your toddler to get started on. Plus, this is also an excellent bonding time for you and your child. During playtime for toddlers, take the opportunity to sit down with them and build the puzzle together.
Photo: "Puzzle Time 1" By Lusi

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