Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Parental Confessions: When good intentions go wrong

Lets face it, parenthood doesn't come with an instruction manual. We all make mistakes, even if we don't like to admit it. When my first child was born, I was totally clueless as to what I was doing, and I'm sure I made more mistakes than I'm even aware of. Like my grandmother and mother say, the first one is just practice for those to come. Sometimes I feel bad for my oldest because of the mistakes we made with him. I'm going to put on a brave face and share a few of my parental confessions with you. Please don't judge. Be honest, you know you have some moments too.

Confession 1- I lost my son.
My oldest son was a royal headache as a baby. He had colic so he screamed...A LOT. Plus, he insisted on eating every hour and a half. So sleeping was impossible for him and I. When he was about 3 weeks old, sleep deprivation set in with full force. Half of the time I couldn't tell if I was awake or asleep. So, one day when he was down for a nap, I used the opportunity to get some chores done even though I should have been sleeping. After doing the dishes, I realized he had been sleeping much longer than usual so I decided to go check on him. I went to look in the crib and he wasn't there. Oh, that's right I put him in the playpen, but when I got to the playpen he wasn't there. At this point my heart was racing, and I began running through the house in a panic trying to find him. How could I lose a 3 week old baby!? So, about the point I was in tears and debating about calling the police in case someone kidnapped him, he started crying, which is when I looked down and, "Oh, there he was." I had put him in the little cradle chair and probably walked by him at least 10 times in my frantic search.

Confession 2- A new meaning to baby sitting.
I was busy washing laundry one day and had this enormous pile of clean clothes on our bed. After finishing the last load, I plopped down on the bed to begin the daunting task of folding when I felt what I thought was the remote under my behind. It turned out to be my son's leg. My husband had put him on the bed to change him and with all the clothes on the bed, he sort of just blended in. Luckily, no harm was caused and he was perfectly fine, but it gives a whole new meaning to baby sitting.

Confession 3- Baby bottle mishap.
When my son was about 5 months old he was holding his bottles on his own. So, I made him a bottle one day like I had done a hundred times before, took the cap off and handed it to him when the entire bottle poured on his face as he went to drink it. Opps, I forgot to put the nipple in...

Confession 4- You only need 1 eye anyway.
I was reading my kids a bedtime story one night, when my middle son leaned back and began to fall off the bed. I lunged forward to grab him before he fell and hit the toy box by the bed, but as I grabbed him I ended up poking him in the eye. This of course left a black eye and a huge scratch across his face. Looking back, the injuries probably would have been less if I hadn't tried to catch him, but well, my intentions were good.

Confession 5- Stuck in a tight place
We bought my daughter a really cute Easter dress for her first Easter. I mean it was beautiful. When we got home from the store we couldn't wait to try it on. She looked adorable in it! So after she was in it for a few minutes we decided it was time to put it away, only problem was we couldn't get it off. It went on so easily but just would not come off! After a few minutes of her screaming while we tried to get it off we had to cut the dress off of her. Her 2nd Easter dress was just as cute a more fitting.

Confession 6- Hosed down.
My oldest son was the first baby I ever held, fed, and changed. He was my first everything as far as babies go. The first day he came home from the hospital, I was changing his diaper on the changing table. After I had thrown the diaper in the trash, I turned around to put the clean diaper on when I realized the changing table was leaking. What?! How could the changing table be leaking? I looked around for water bottles, for anything that could be causing the leaking when I realized my shirt was all wet too. I finally looked at my son and realized he was the cause of the leaking changing table. Lesson learned.

Ok, I was brave and shared my less than finest moments. Now it's your turn. Lets hear your parental confessions!

And just for the record, 4 kids later, I have never dropped any of them and none have rolled off the bed.

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