Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to Raise Self-Reliant Children

Simple Tasks Teach Children to Become Self-Reliant

Raising self reliant children is an essential life skill children need in order to grow into well developed adults because self reliant children have increased confidence. Teaching children to be self reliant can even promote their behavior and overall independence. So, how do you raise self reliant children? It is important to start while they are young. Teaching children simple things, such as cleaning up after their self, are the basics to teaching them to become self reliant.

Cleaning Up
Children can begin cleaning up their messes at a very early age. Children are capable of picking up toys and putting them away around the age of two. As they continue to grow, their tasks of cleaning up after their self can increase as well. To teach children to be self reliant, it should always be their responsibility to clean up their toys after they are done playing.

When you begin teaching this skill to young children, you will need to pitch in and help them until they become older. Although it will probably mean you will have to remind them frequently to clean up, there are certain things you can do to make the experience easier for them. Make sure the task is always kept fun. Make a game out of cleaning up. Make sure the cleaning process is easy for them by keeping their toys organized in easy to access bins or tubs.

Part of cleaning up also means putting their dirty clothes away. To promote self reliance, get your child their own clothes hamper that they can have easy access to. As with picking up their toys, keep the experience fun by singing a song. Although it may seem simple, by cleaning up after their self, your child will learn to take care of their responsibilities, becoming less dependent on you in the process.

Taking Care of Their Body
Children can learn to become self reliant by taking care of their body as well. By getting dressed on their own, they are learning to become self reliant. Allow them to pick out their own clothes; however, you may need to make sure their outfits are weather appropriate. After they have gotten dressed by their self, they need to put their clothes in the hamper.

Allow children to learn how to brush their teeth properly at an early age. You may need to go back over their teeth after they are done, but by simply letting them brush their teeth you are instilling the importance of personal hygiene, as well as self reliance.

How are some ways you've taught young children to be self reliant?

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