Monday, October 6, 2014

Five Newborn Must-Haves for Every New Mother

Life with a Newborn Made Simple with the Must Have Products!

As a mother to four children, I have learned there are 5 newborn must haves to make the task of caring for a newborn much easier for the baby and for you. These inexpensive products have made the task of caring for each of my newborns much simpler. These products are widely available at many local retailers and truly do make life much easier. Being a new mother is a very difficult job and any product that can make this job easier is money well spent.

#1: Swaddle Blankets
Swaddle Blankets really are a miracle invention. As simple as they might be, they make life with a newborn much easier. The vast majority of newborns love to be swaddled; however, using a receiving blanket to swaddle a baby can be a challenging task. The great thing about Swaddle Blankets is they are so easy to use there is no way you can get it wrong. Swaddle Blankets give your baby the wonderful sensation they love of being swaddled while keeping them wrapped snug. Swaddle Blankets come with Velcro to keep the blanket shut so it is difficult for your baby to wiggle their way out of it. Swaddle Blankets can be purchased for under $20.00 at many large retailers.

#2: Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion
Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion is on my newborn must haves list because it works so well and does not contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the sensitive skin of a newborn. This lotion is great because unlike most newborn lotions, it is thick and continues moisturizing the skin all day. Many newborns have flaking and peeling skin for a few weeks after birth, and this lotion works great to quickly reduce and heal the peeling skin. This lotion works so well mommy can use it also. Depending on the size of the product you purchase, this lotion can generally be found for around $10.00 .

#3: GoldBug- 2-in-1 Infant Head Support
Number three on my list for newborn must haves is the GoldBug- 2-in-1 Infant Head Support. It is very nerve wracking driving with a newborn because their ability to control their head is not very good and their head will often flop into an odd and sometimes dangerous position while in the back seat. This infant head support easily fits into any car seat and offers the important support newborns needs to keep their head in a safe position while in the car. This eases the mind and makes traveling with a newborn less of a stressful task. This head support can be purchased for around $15.00.

#4: Waterproof Pads
Changing newborns is a messy job, especially if you have a little boy. No matter how careful you are, baby diapers leak, babies spit up, and other accidents happen. For this reason, number four on my newborn must haves list are waterproof pads. Waterproof pads are soft and flexible so they can be used easily in a number of situations to protect a wide range of surfaces from any messy accidents that come from caring for a newborn. The pads are machine washable, can easily be cut to fit smaller sizes, and are easy to take along in a diaper bag. Waterproof pads can be purchased in packages at around $15.00.

#5: Nursery Monitor and Receiver
Life with a newborn is much simpler if you have a good nursery monitor and receiver. You can ease your mind when your child is sleeping or in another room with a nursery monitor. A nursery monitor will take the place of you running into a room frequently to check on your baby. Many nursery monitors are available in many price ranges depending on the quality of monitor you want. I recommend choosing a baby monitor that plugs into an outlet and has the option to use batteries. The outlet option will save you money from having to buy batteries every week, but the battery option is important to have in case you need to step outside for a minute or take a shower.

What's on your list for newborn must haves?

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