Monday, October 20, 2014

6 Electricity Saving Tips

Electricity is a utility we all need. Unfortunately, electric bills can become quite costly, especially when raising a large family. Whether you're raising a large family or not, everyone want to cut costs and you electric bill is one way to do it. A lower electricity bill can help improve budgets allowing the saved money to be used for other life necessities.

Here are a few electricity saving tips for a lower electricity bill.

Tip #1-- Washing Clothes
Doing laundry for a large family requires a lot of energy use. Purchasing energy star washers and dryers can save a lot of electricity use, lowering your bill. Just by purchasing mine, I not only lowered by electric bill, but my water bill, and now use less laundry detergent. I can make a small bottle last a couple of months instead of every couple weeks. My new wash and dryer basically paid for their self with how much we saved.

Also, wash your laundry in cold water and make sure the cloths have completely gone through the spin cycle before placing them in the dryer.

It's much cheaper to hang your clothing on a cloths line instead of drying them. However, if this is not possible make sure you clean the lint trap before each use of the dryer to cut back on electricity use. When drying the cloths, make sure you do not over dry them. This uses much more energy than what is truly needed. Shorter drying periods also beneficial to lowering your electricity bill. A good tip for drying is to dry heavier clothing in one load and lighter clothing in another load.
Tip #2-- Light Bulbs
Changing the way you light your home can greatly reduce your electricity bill. A big electricity saving tip is to turn the lights off whenever possible. Use compact fluorescent lights or LED lights. These lights require much less electricity than regular light bulbs. Although they are expensive, they pay for theirselves.

During the day avoid turning on the lights as much as possible. When you are away from home, make sure all the lights are shut off before leaving. Lights with dimming switches can be beneficial to lowering electricity use. Also, using a light bulb with higher wattage is cheaper than using two light bulbs with a lower wattage.

Tip #3-- Cooling
Using air conditioning can cause enormous electricity bills. Luckily, there are a few, easy tips to make the summer months remain comfortable while reducing your energy costs. A major benefit to reducing an electricity bill is to use energy star air conditioning units. Keep your thermostat set at 85 degrees when no one is at home. When the house is occupied, set the thermostat no lower then 76 degrees.

Ceiling fans circulate the air in the home maintaining a cooler temperature longer. Place solar powered fans in the attic to keep good ventilation. Air conditioners with timers are a good option to lowering your energy use.

Use blinds during the day to reduce the amount of heat entering the home during the day. Maintain the ducts and vents attached to the air conditioner unit to ensure the air is flowing properly. By closing vents to rooms that are not in use can lower your energy consumption. Do not place heat sources such as lamps and electrical appliances next to the thermostat to prevent the air conditioner from turning on prematurely.
Tip #4-- Cooking & the Kitchen
Electricity use can be reduced by changing a few kitchen habits. Wash your dishes in the sink when ever it is possible because dishwashers use a lot of energy. If washing in the sink is not an option, only wash full loads of dishes. When rinsing dishes, use cold water. Dishwashers should be used on the economy cycle to reduce the use of electricity. Do not use the drying cycle because it uses a lot of energy. Instead, open the dishwasher door a crack to allow the dishes to dry naturally. It may take longer but it will reduce your energy bill.

Use microwaves as much as possible when cooking, defrosting, and reheating. Ovens heat up the house and use a lot of energy. Small appliances are must cheaper to use than the oven. Unplug any unused appliances because even when shut off they still use a little electricity.

Tip #5-- Heating
By turning down the thermostat during winter, your electricity bill can easily be lowered. Bundle up in warm clothing or blankets if you get a little chilly. Either use the fire place or heater, but never use both together. Cover air conditioner vents and drafty windows with plastic to reduce the need for the heater. Make sure the heater vents are clear from obstructions. If you are not home, make sure the heater is turned off and use a thermostat with a timer. Energy star windows can reduce your electricity use. Use reverse ceiling fans to circulate hot air around the house and close any vents or doors to unused rooms. Open the blinds on sunny days to naturally heat the home.

Tip #6 Pipes & Stuff
Many areas of our homes that use water also use electricity. To decrease the electricity, use make sure your pipes and water heaters are well insulated. The water heater should be set no higher than 120 degrees. If you are going on vacation turn the thermostat down on your water heater. Keep your heat thermostat on pools and spas turned down to 78 degrees. Keep the operations set on a timer. Don't run pumps longer than necessary or during peak hours.

What are some ways you lower your electric bill?

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