Monday, October 27, 2014

5 Unusual Uses for Aluminum Foil

Simple Household Problems Can Be Fixed Using Aluminum Foil

Maintaining a household is a challenge, and you often stumble across an obstacle. More often than not, a quick fix or solution is needed to resolve these bumps in our day to day chores. Many are unaware of a simple, inexpensive fix for many common household problems. Aluminum foil can be used for many other purposes than just for cooking. One of these unusual uses for aluminum foil may be just the thing to resolve a household problem.

Solution #1-- Extra Heat
When extra heat is needed, whether when camping or in other cold conditions, grab some aluminum foil and a few small rocks. First, the stones will need to be heated using a camp fire or another source. Once heated, wrap the small rocks tightly in aluminum foil, then place the wrapped rocks inside of a towel and place them where ever the body needs a little extra heat. This works perfectly when placed in the bottom of a sleeping bag to keep you warm at night while camping.

Solution #2-- Funnels
Funnels are needed all of the time but are sometimes difficult to find. I can never keep track of my funnels. Next time you run across this problem, reach for the aluminum foil. Get a piece of aluminum foil and hold it in half making it twice as thick. Next, roll the foil into a cone shape and simply cut off the pointed end creating an open hole. This is a perfect solution when you just can't seem to find your funnel.

Solution #3-- Sharpen Scissors
It's frustrating to discover dull scissors, especially when trying to cut something. Luckily, there is a quick and easy fix for this pesty problem. Grab some aluminum foil and fold it in half. Then, simply cut through the aluminum foil a few times quickly sharpening your scissors.

Solution #4-- Soap Holder
Bar soap can make a big mess. It sticks to the tub and often is used up too quickly. Both of these problems can easily be solved using aluminum foil. By placing a sheet of aluminum foil to the back side of the bar of soap, the soap will no longer stick to the tub. As an added bonus, it will also make the soap last longer.

Solution #5-- Rust Remover
Rust is a common problem to run into around the house, especially when working on cars. Rust can easily be cleaned up using aluminum foil. Grab some foil and roll it into a ball. Lightly wet the aluminum foil ball and gently rub the foil over the rust and watch the rust disappear.
Aluminum foil may just be the right solution to many of your household problems. Next time a problem arises, grab some foil and experiment. It may be just the quick, inexpensive fix you are looking for.

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