Monday, September 29, 2014

5 Unusual Uses for Hairspray

Often, while maintaining a household we run into pesty problems that required a quick, cheap solution. I'm always looking for quick and easy ways to fix little problems I run into. Oddly enough, hairspray may be the next solution to your household problem. Hairspray contains many more uses than only what is stated on the bottle. Here are some unusual uses for hairspray that I've found:

Hairspray can be used as an insecticide. Simply spray the insect with a little hairspray to kill it. This is a safe alternative to use around children and pets because it is not as toxic as most insecticides.I've found that it works really good on ants.

Zipper Control
We often have at least one piece of clothing with an annoying zipper that refuses to stay in place. To easily solve this problem, simply spray the zipper with a little hairspray. The hairspray will hold the zipper in place. Baby oil can be used to easily remove the hairspray allowing the zipper to open effortlessly.But, I found it usually just washes off in the washing machine.

Pet Hair Removal
If you own a pet, chances are your furniture has a covering of pet hair. It's very time consuming and often frustrating to try to vacuum off the pet hair. Next time you start the chore of removing pet hair try using a little hairspray. Spray a rag or Kleenex with hairspray and wipe the pet hair covered surface with it. The pet hair will stick to it to easily be removed.

Hairspray can be used to preserve art work. After creating art using pencils, chalks, or other drawing utensils, spray the art work with some hairspray. This keeps the art work from smudging or wiping away allowing your creation to remain beautiful.I've done this with many of my children's drawings and art they've made me.

Ink Removal from Walls
When children are in the household it is almost certain ink will end up on a wall. To easily resolve ink from your walls use some hairspray. Spray the ink with some hairspray and simply wipe the ink away. This creates a fast and easy ink removal solution.

Hairspray might just be the perfect solution to your next household problem. So, next time you run into a problem just reach for the hairspray!

What are some other unusual uses you've found for hairspray?

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