Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Make-a-Wish Foundation

We've all heard about the Make -a-Wish Foundation, but few actually know exactly what this wonderful organization does for children who are very ill.  For those who are interested, here's some great information on this amazing program.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation Grants Wishes of Suffering Children.

Founded in 1980, the Make-A-Wish foundation has been granting wishes of children with severe life-threatening health conditions. The Make-A-Wish foundation gives these children hope and the strength to get through their obstacles, not to mention, the joy from their wish being granted. The organization has evolved to such a great extent it now grants wishes to children in the United States every forty minutes. From the generosity of communities, sponsors, and donors, Make-A-Wish is able to impact the lives of many ill children.

As of 2007, the Make-A-Wish foundation was responsible for granting the wishes of 13,006 children. This was possible because of the hard work and dedication from the Make-A-Wish staff and volunteers. The financing was achievable due to numerous sponsors, donors, and volunteers. Because their main focus are the children's wishes, over 78% of every dollar raised goes straight to the funds for granting these children's wishes.

If you know a truly inspiring child undergoing difficult medical treatment and could really use a little joy in life, there are four steps they follow to try to make that happen. First, the child will need to be referred. The child needs to be between the ages of 2 ½ to 18 and not receiving wish grants from any other organizations.

Second, the child's eligibility will need to be determined by their medical diagnosis. In order to receive a wish, it must be a life-threatening condition.

Third, they have to find the child's one true wish. Volunteers of the Make-A-Wish foundation spend time with the child trying to find the one experience that will truly inspire and delight them, giving the child strength and hope.

And fourth, the wish is granted. It is an experience that enriches the whole family's life and is often shared with an entire community.

If you know a child in desperate need of a little hope and happiness or if you would like to donate or volunteer for this wonderful cause you can visit the Make-A-Wish foundations website at http://www.wish.org/

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