Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Teaching Honesty to Children and Building Healthy Relationships

Every parent strives to teach their children honesty. Teaching honesty to children is an essential value they will need throughout their life. Parents often tell their children to be honest with them, their friends, and how important honesty is in a relationship. However, a critical component many parents leave out of this lesson is being honest with their children in return.

Many parents tell their children little white lies or evade the truth now and then because they feel there are somethings their children don't need to know or the parents feel their child won't understand. However, children are smart-- way smarter than they are often given credit. Eventually, your child will figure out you haven't been fully honest with them. This teaches them that there are exceptions to honesty. Plus, it makes you look hypocritical. You have to set the example.

As difficult as it may be sometimes, we have an honest relationship with our children. We expect them to be honest with us, so they deserve the same level of respect. This is important for building healthy relationships.

Yes, there are some topics that may not be easy to discuss with your children, but you are still able to be honest with them in terms that are age appropriate and ways they are able to understand. This has helped us immensely with having an open and honest relationship with our children. They know they are able to come to us with any question and they will be given an honest answer. Being honest with your children no matter what is part of the glue that holds your relationship with them together.

Teaching children to be honest extends far beyond just teaching them not to lie. You have to walk the walk, you can't just talk the talk. If you plan on building healthy relationships with your children, it all starts with honesty.

Are you honest with your children? How do you set the example for teaching your children honesty?

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