Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Safety: What Not to Forget

With Summer quickly upon us, there are many Summer safety tips to keep in mind. You already know to watch your children near water, apply sunscreen, and stay well hydrated. But, there are other Summer safety tips that often go forgotten-- which can result in serious injuries. Here are some other Summer safety tips to keep in mind:
  • When using infant, toddler, and booster seats remember to cover them with a towel or light blanket when you get out of the car. The plastic and metal parts on the seats can quickly heat up and lead to burns if a child is placed on them. To prevent this, cover the seats!

  • During the Summer, kids love to run around without shoes on. This is okay in most instances but remember, even if the temperature isn't very high outside, sidewalks and pavements can still be very hot. Your child can easily burn their feet by running across hot pavements.

  • Speaking of sidewalks and pavements, fun with water is a large aspect of summer. Remember pavements get slippery when they are wet. This can lead to a child falling and becoming seriously injured. Make it a firm rule to walk on any wet surface.

  • As summer sets in, so do the insects. This can be a large problem, especially in areas that have West Nile Virus. Make sure you have a good supply of bug repellent when your children are outside.

  • Snakes and other critters love the Summer just as much as your children do. They can hide in unsuspecting places and lead to serious injuries to young children. Make sure you check your yard well for snakes, scorpions, and other dangerous summer critters.

  • Summer is the perfect time for family BBQ's. However, this is also the perfect time for injuries. When BBQing, make sure you keep the BBQ out of the way. A child can run around a corner quickly and hit a BBQ, resulting in severe burns. It only takes a second for a child to not pay attention to when they are going and burns to occur.

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