Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fun Activities for Kids This Summer

Guest Post: 16 Outdoor Spring Activities That You and Your Kids Will Love 
During springtime, everything is just about right.  It’s not too hot or too cold.  The flowers are in bloom and the breeze brings just about the right amount of chill.  And the best part for students, classes are on a break.
Spring is often associated with ideas like rejuvenation and rebirth.  So why don’t you take this time to in fact, recharge and have fun with your kids?  Here are 16 of the countless spring activities you can do to give you many reasons to enjoy the season.
Egg in Bottle Science Experiment The Egg in the Bottle experiment shows kids how pressure and temperature relate to each other. Basically, you get a hard boiled egg, bottle and matches to watch the egg slip into the bottle.
Easy Home Volcanoes These easy home volcanoes are another one of my children's favorite little science experiments. I love them because they make the kids happy, and you already have everything you need right in the kitchen.

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