Monday, May 19, 2014

When You Turn Into Your Mother

As a child, there were some things my mother did that I swore I would never do or say if I became a parent. However, 4 kids later, I find myself opening my mouth only to have my mother come out. It always catches me off guard, and I have to pause for a minute and think, "Did I really just say that?" And, what's worse, sometimes my husband opens his mouth and my father comes out!

It's so funny to me how easily I turned into my mother in a certain sense-- not that it's a bad thing. So, how do you know if you've turned into your mother? Here are some ways I've come to find, yes, I've turned into my mother:

"Because I said so."
My all time biggest annoyance as a child was when my mother used to tell me, "because I said so!" So, I swore I would never say this, and more often than not I don't. I feel kids have a right to know the reasons behind your answers, so I always try to give them the reason for why I say or do something. However, there has been a time or two where the only appropriate answer I could possibly find was, "because I said so." The first time it slipped out, I almost fell over and had to do a quick glance around the room to see if my mother was standing behind me.

"Your face is going to get stuck like that."
Ok, we all know your face isn't going to get stuck, and my kids LOVE making funny faces-- all day, every day. Most of the time we all get a big kick out of it, and we all have fun being goofy. But, then there was this one day where, oops, it just slipped out, "your face is going to get stuck like that." Of course, my children just laughed at me and said, "no it's not."

"I don't know doesn't live here"
Have you ever noticed whenever something happens, "I don't know" and "no body" always did it? The two culprits are very illusive and have a knack of getting away with an awful lot. After hearing for the millionth time that "I don't know" did it, all I could say was, "I don't know doesn't live here." Even afterwards, "I don't know" still has yet to have been caught or even seen. Maybe, I have a 5th child I don't know about named I Don't Know...

"If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you?"
As I mentioned, sometimes my husband opens his mouth and my father pops out. The first time it happened was when he used a common phrase I heard growing up, "if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you?" Oh geez! When that happened I probably gave my husband the strangest look in the world and then burst into uncontrollable laughter.

It's so weird how we turn into our parents without even realizing it. Or, maybe, it's just some hidden thing all parent have deep inside of them that kids have a habit of bringing out. Nonetheless, I find it very entertaining whenever I open my mouth and my mother pops out.

What about you? Have you turned into your mother?

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