Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Loving Big Families Flash Back

10 Reasons You Should NOT Have a Large Family

Raising a large family isn't for everyone. Although we didn't intend to have a large family, we wouldn't have it any other way, now. However, after parenting a big family, I've come to realize that not everyone is cut out to take care of a large family. It takes a certain type of person to be able to take care of so many little people. If you aren't this particular breed of person, you really need to reconsider if you want to have a large family or not. Although I love my large family, here are 10 reasons you should not have a large family.

Special Needs Kids: Think Before Your Speak!

As parents, we try to teach our children that everyone is made differently. Some people are born different than others and look different than others, but despite those differences, they should be treated equally. We teach our children not to stare or act differently around people with special needs. As a mother to a child that needs a little extra care, I have to say, other children aren't the concern as they simply don't understand. But, instead, it's other parents and adults that are the biggest cause of heartache for families with special children.

Guest Post: 16 Outdoor Spring Activities That You and Your Kids Will Love

During springtime, everything is just about right.  It’s not too hot or too cold.  The flowers are in bloom and the breeze brings just about the right amount of chill.  And the best part for students, classes are on a break.

Spring is often associated with ideas like rejuvenation and rebirth.  So why don’t you take this time to in fact, recharge and have fun with your kids?  Here are 16 of the countless spring activities you can do to give you many reasons to enjoy the season.

Vacations for Big Families

There is a lot of preparation that goes into any vacation, but that preparation is magnified times 10 when you have a big family. Vacations for big families are a great way to spend time together and visit new places; however, it's also a stressful time and nothing is ever easy. Even before you leave the house, the chaos begins as you try to get everyone packed and out the door. Over the years, I have discovered somewhat of a method to the madness to help vacations for big families run smother.

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