Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Loving Big Families is Looking for You!

Loving Big Families is all about connecting large families with one another and offering a place for parents to large families to share their voice. We are always looking for parents and caregivers to large families who have something to say, tips, advice, stories and everything related to raising large families. If you'd like to contribute to Loving Big Families, there are a couple of options available:.

Regular Contributor
Loving Big Families welcomes parents and guardians to contribute to the website on a regular basis. No need to have any prior blogging or writing experience. As long as you have experience caring for large families in a loving, caring and healthy fashion, you're welcome to join the Loving Big Families team.

Currently, contributing to Loving Big Families is an unpaid opportunity; however, we can offer lots of link love. If you become a contributor, you'll be added onto the contributor page, featuring information about yourself, website links and social media links.

If you're interested in joining the Loving Big Families team, email alyssa_ast@yahoo.com (subject line Big Family Contributor) to get started.

Guest Post
We love to hear from other parents. If contributing to the website regularly isn't for you, how about submitting a guest post? If you'd like to submit a guest post, you MUST be a parent or caregiver to a large family. Again, it's an unpaid opportunity, but relevant website and social media links will be included in the post. Only quality and relevant posts will be accepted-- no spam or marketing material.

If you're interested in guest posting for Loving Big Families, email alyssa_ast@yahoo.com (subject line Guest Post Loving Big Families)

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