Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kids Corner: Spring Activities

Living in the desert, summer simply gets too hot to spend a lot of time outside. That's why spring is my family's favorite time of year. It's not to hot and not to cold to head outside to spend time together. Plus, my kids LOVE helping nature and keeping the planet clean, so we always find little ways to let them do what they love.

Here are a couple of my family's favorite spring activities:

As soon as spring hits and the last freeze has passed, we all head to the nursery to check out the beautifully blooming plants. Every year, my children get to pick out their own plant, which they then become responsible for the summer. That plant (usually flowers) becomes their own plant from the moment it leaves the store. They get to plant it on their own, fertilize it, and water it.

The kids love this because they enjoy taking care of something that is their very own. I love it because they love it, it makes the house look nicer, it teaches them responsibility, and they learn respect for nature.

Picnic at the Park
Who doesn't love picnics? Unfortunately, the window for picnicking out here is very small due to the excessive heat that hits way too soon. As soon as a nice day pops up, we pack up a lunch, blanket, and the soccer ball to head to the park. It's a great way to spend a day, plus, it offers lots of quality time with the family. The kids love eating outside and, of course, what child doesn't love the park? Then, since there are so many of us, we get soccer games going, and sometimes even baseball or tennis.

We also love to go hiking, We pack up the family, even the dog, and head out to the desert or the mountains to spend the day hiking, We pack a lunch and some snacks with us so we can enjoy as much time out there as possible. While we hike, we take the time to tell the kids about the plants, animals, and hiking safely. The kids love learning about nature, and it's a great way to get some exercise as a family and spend time together.

Some of our other favorite spring activities include evening walks and bike rides-- basically, anything that lets us get outdoors to enjoy nature.

What are some of your family's favorite spring activities?

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