Monday, April 28, 2014

Guest Post: 16 Outdoor Spring Activities That You and Your Kids Will Love

During springtime, everything is just about right.  It’s not too hot or too cold.  The flowers are in bloom and the breeze brings just about the right amount of chill.  And the best part for students, classes are on a break.

Spring is often associated with ideas like rejuvenation and rebirth.  So why don’t you take this time to in fact, recharge and have fun with your kids?  Here are 16 of the countless spring activities you can do to give you many reasons to enjoy the season.

1. Take it outside
This is a good time to give your phones and gadgets a rest.  Hit the outdoors and ride your bike or even fly a kite.  This is a good time to let your children know what they have been missing and give them an idea of how kids before enjoyed the outdoors. You may also run a few blocks, play softball and walk your dog.

2. Have a picnic
Go to the nearest park, catch the cherry blossoms and enjoy some home-cooked goodies the best way you can.  Your kids can also make new friends at the playground while you read a good book under a shade.  You will also discover how fun it is to watch people go about their business.

3. Start a garden
One of the best outdoor activities during this season is spring gardening. Get a little dirty while having fun growing organic herbs and planting flowering trees and shrubs like the redbud and fringe trees.  They produce breathtaking blooms and make for a hauntingly beautiful landscape.  

4.  Have fun at the playground
When was the last time you and your kids visited your local playground? Introduce your kids to the outdoors and the beauty of making friends with other children.  The best part is, they can actually get fit in the playground while having fun.  By jumping up and down the trampoline, pushing each other in the swing, balancing in the beam, and simply running from one playground equipment to another are healthy exercises for kids.

This will also help parent tame tantrums.  According to Amber Alert GPS, you can solve toddler tantrums by letting them take control during play date.  For example, let them choose what to wear to the playground, where to sit and what to play with first.

If no local playground is near your home, you can use some commercial playground equipment in your backyard.  Anything from monkey bars, hula-hoop or a mini-golf course will do.  

5. Go camping
One of the most exciting outdoor spring activities is camping.  Pack your tents and sleeping bags and visit the nearest camping site from your home.  This is a thrilling way to teach your children survival ideas or just living simply.  With camping, a child can discover the skills he never knew he had.

6.  Climb something
This springtime, try to climb something.  Go wall climbing or hiking.  Feel the thrill in climbing a tree and sitting on one of its branches for hours like you are on top of the world.

7. Cook and bake
Stay indoors and get crazy in the kitchen with your kids.  Let them help you prepare snacks and dinner.  Let them whip eggs and creams as you prepare the oven for those cupcakes and let them decorate them too.   You may also choose the grill and have a small barbecue party in your yard.

8.  Everything must go
Open your dressers and drawers and toss out the pieces you have no use for.  Put up a garage sale and have fun putting price tags on everything.  You will not only clean up the mess, you will also teach your kids to value money.  And of course, you and your kids will have extra cash to spend during the spring break.

9. Summer jobs
Speaking of extra money, you can also start a lemonade business outside your home.  All you need is a small table and a little help from your kids.  You may also encourage teenage children to walk the dog of busy neighbors, landscape gardens in your subdivision, and tutor pre-school kids.

10. Cherish the memories
At a time when everything’s virtual and digital, printed photographs have become a thing of the past.  Very few people still compile photos in an album or put them in a frame.  Take this time to have some of the most memorable ones printed.  You will be surprised at how refreshing it is to look back at the memories in an old style fashion.

11. Movie night
What is a family bonding without movie madness? After dinner, gather around the TV and put on something that will all leave you laughing, crying or screaming.  It does not matter if you all have seen the movie before.  The experience of watching it all again together is what makes it special.

12. Decorate your home
Aside from getting rid of all the clutter, take the opportunity to give your home a makeover.  Change your throw pillows, re-arrange the plants, change the wallpaper in your child’s room, and hang a beautiful painting.  

13. Draw and paint
Try to draw or paint something.  You can do it on a piece of paper, on a wall, or a fence.  Don’t worry if you’re no Da Vinci.  It’s okay to be ridiculous.

14. Read books
Read to your kids and tell them stories of kings and monarchs.  Let them read the words aloud and practice their speech and comprehension in the process.  Teach them the value in reading while they are young.  Use the pictures and colors to endear them.

15. Plan a vacation
This is also a perfect time to plan where you are going for the summer.  Planning gets everyone excited.  Your kids will be jumping up and down just by hearing the word “beach.”

16. Visit local places
Have you been to your local library yet? How about the nearest national park? Or the museum? Have you ever brought the kids to the zoo?  If not, take advantage of the fair weather to visit the local spots that are just waiting to be rediscovered.

About the Author: Jona Jone has been a mortgage originator in Philadelphia, PA. She is also a Business and Property Specialist. She has been writing articles about real estate investment, business, parenting and living. You can follow her on Twitter at @JonaJone1

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