Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Find Support and Answers to Your Question when Raising Big Families

It's no secret that raising children is tough--whether you have one child or an entire basketball team. Some days, you're sure you're doing everything wrong, while other days you're completely overwhelmed by a situation that has occurred in your family. But, where can you turn for help?

Head over to Loving Big Families to find support and the answers to your questions when raising big families.

When you raise a big family, chances are, you've been there and done that. Or, at the very least, you understand what another parent is going through. Other days, you can seem completely lost or clueless to a situation.

If you're going through a difficult time, need some advice or just looking for someone to lend a supporting ear, submit your question to the Loving Big Families mail box. Don't worry, you can do it anonymously if you'd like.

You can also head to the Loving Big Families Facebook group to chat with other families directly.

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