Friday, March 7, 2014

Couponing: The Secret Behind BOGO Deals and How to use BOGO Coupons

Some of the best deals you can get are with BOGO coupons (buy one get one free). Plus, all stores offer BOGO deals from time to time. These deals and coupons offer a great way beef up your stock pile and save some money in the process. However, very few people know the truth behind BOGO coupons. Here's the truth:

The item isn't really free. The item is marked down to half price so when you buy 2 you think you are getting one free.

Since each item is marked half price with a BOGO sale, that means you only have to buy 1 if you'd like and you'll get it for half price. Or, since both are half priced, you can use a coupon for each item to save even more.

For example: Crest toothpaste is on sale-- buy one at $2.50 and get one free. This means the 2 tubes of tooth paste you buy actually only cost $1.25 each. Now, use two .25 off one coupon and you'll get each tube for $1.00. If your store doubles coupons, that's even better because then you'll get each tube for .75.

Now, here's the best way to save money with a BOGO deal. Find a BOGO deal, then find a BOGO coupon for that item. So, essentially, you'll pay for 2 items and get 2 for free. Or, only get 2, then use your BOGO coupon and get both items totally free.

No matter which method you use, the savings are awesome. For the price of one or two items at full price, you can easily get double if not more of the same item to add to your stock pile.

Pretty cool, right?

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