Friday, February 28, 2014

What It's Like Living In a Large Family-- From a Kid's Perspective

As parents/caregivers, we know all too well what it's like living in a large family. But, how do your kids feel about living in a large family? I asked my kids just that. Here's what my children had to say:

It's nice and fun. It's fun to have a lot of brothers and sisters because they play a lot and there's a lot of food. And, they help us. They help us do our homework. There's lots of people to love us and play ring-around-the-Rosie. We share toys and when we go to the beach we help each other find shells. We read together a lot.
-- 8 year old daughter.

It's loud. We play lots of games. There's lots of helpers. There's lots of papers and crayons. Lots of toys, snacks, and oatmeal. They help me get dressed. I like to clean with them.
-- 3 year old son.

They play with me and share with me, but there's always someone in the bathrooms, and I really need to go.
-- 8 year old son.

"Sometimes they are mean, but they play with me. The tooth-fairy comes a lot. There's a bunch of clothes to wash. Sometimes, they drive me nuts, so I play in the pool with them."
-- 7 year old son.

What about your children? Have you asked them what they think about living in a large family? Share their responses in the comment!

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