Monday, February 24, 2014

Frugal Living: Clearance Racks are Your Best Friend

Next to food, I think clothing is the biggest expense that comes with raising big families and the biggest headache. I don't know about you, but laundry in our house is a never ending battle. Some days, I think if I'd quit buying clothes, I would eventually not have to wash anymore. But, alas, you just can't send your kids to school naked.

Just when you take that sigh of relief that all of the children should be good on clothes for a while, you turn around to see some one's new jeans with a gigantic hole in them, so and so lost their new jacket and school, and oh my gosh, did that child grow 4 inches over night and what is spilled all over your shirt?! Don't even get me started on the sock monster.

It's always an uphill struggle staying ahead of the clothing battle, and an expensive one at that. To add to the expense, I'm a bit picky because I only like my kids wearing name brands, not because of the label, but the quality is so much better and the clothing seems to last longer. I don't mind paying extra for better quality clothes; however, who has $50 for each pair of jeans times 4 kids?

Enter clearance racks....When you have a large family, clearance racks are your best friend. My family's trick is to buy everything out of season because you can get that $40 jacket for $2. Yeah, it's a bit risky trying to determine what size your child will be in 6 months because they grow like weeds, but, like most big families, if it doesn't fit one child, there's a line of children behind them who it will likely fit.

There's just no other way to say it...I LOVE CLEARANCE RACKS! I can't walk by one without stopping. My children have way more clothes than they need thanks to clearance racks. Plus, when I see something that's a really great deal but none of my children will fit, I buy it anyway to donate. A lot of families want to donate but don't have much money to spend or to donate. Next time, take that $10 you wanted to donate and hit up the clearance rack at the end of summer. You'll have a few outfits you can then take down to children in need.

No matter if you need clothing for your family or to donate, clearance racks are your best friend when you have a large family.

What are some ways you cut back on the clothing cost?

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